collision space

Think for a moment about your favorite collision space. What is a collison space? To me, it is a location where individuals are drawn together to interact. The space itself could draw them – a park, coffee shops. The functionality could draw them – libraries, concerts, malls, museums. What about a space with a little more ambiguity, abstraction of purpose, and a little more conversation?

The best ideas come from collaborative engagement, specifically between people from various backgrounds and cultures with diversified view points.

I want to create that communal space because I think it’s important to learn more about about people different from ourselves. A space where we can look at images and tell the person next us what we see and feel. We could all benefit from a little more understand and empathy.


Like any new endeavor, I’ve got to spend money to make money. I’m accepting donations for a Canon PIXMA Pro-100 in order to print my own hydrographic images (for metal image transfer). Click on the Go Fund Me link below. Everything helps.

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“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” –Albert Einstein